My Top 10 Games of “2016”

I dunno.

Prepare yourselves for the sorriest “top 10 games of 2016” you’ll ever see, for two important reasons:

  1. We’re well into 2017. Nobody cares about 2016 anymore.
  2. None of the games on this list were actually released in the year 2016.

You see, I love video games, but I’m frugal (or cheap, depending on how polite you’re feelin’ today) and therefore typically a couple of years behind on tech. I  almost never play current games. I remember an old PvP comic in which Cole is just getting around to buying Baldur’s Gate 2 quite some time after its release, and Brent and Francis make fun of him for being an old man. That’s me. That’s my life! But it’s okay. 2016 was a good year of gaming for me. I definitely didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked, but I had a good time when I had the chance.

The only caveats for games appearing on this list are that I either beat them or played the majority of them in the year 2016. So let’s get started.

Go on….