Six Legs, No Heart Progress Report, Part Deux

Six Legs, No Heart Cover

Here’s an announcement I’ve been hoping to make for quite some time now.

Six Legs, No Heart is finished! We sent it off to the printers a couple of weeks ago, so barring any extreme unforeseen complications, it will be ready and available at Cape Comic Con, April 21-23!

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Six Legs, No Heart Progress Report

Six Legs, No Heart Preview

Hey, folks! You’ve probably noticed the blogs have dried up. I have good reason! I’ve been working really hard to get my new comic book, Six Legs, No Heart, finished in time to be ready for Cape Comic Con 2017. Pretty much all of my free time and creative outlet are being funneled into the completion of this book. The only reason I’m not working on it right now, during my lunch break, is because I forgot to bring any materials with me to work on! So, I’m doing the next best thing: trying to find a way to promote it. In this case, I thought it might be fun to give you a rundown of where the project stands right now, and how I’ve gotten to this point.

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