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  • Anti-Virus, Weeks 3-4

    Anti-Virus, Weeks 3-4

    Week 3 can be summed up as, more or less, a duplicate of Week 2. In spite of what was happening in the world around me, I felt good about the use of my time and stayed positive and productive. I was Burgess Meredith in “Time Enough at Last” right before his glasses break. Week […]

  • Anti-Virus, Week 2

    Anti-Virus, Week 2

    Well, I guess I’ve adapted to this way of life…as much as one might be able. While COVID-19 is never fully out of my mind, I must admit that there have been a few times over the past week where I kind of forgot about it. Not in the sense that I don’t care, that […]

  • Anti-Virus


    No, I don’t have an antivirus; I’m just anti-virus. More on that in a moment. First, a quick update and a small clarification on my last post about reverting to pursuing comics as a hobby instead of a business. I do still intend to create, publish, and sell comics, make convention appearances, and so on. […]

  • Hard Reset

    Hard Reset

    I almost posted a very different blog about my 2020 plans and expectations, but I had something of a revelation today concerning my approach to creativity: It’s not working. It made the original blog mostly irrelevant, but there are a couple of key points that will sneak their way into this one, too. My wife […]

  • Progress Report, A Last Minute Convention Appearance Announcement, and other Odds and Ends

    Progress Report, A Last Minute Convention Appearance Announcement, and other Odds and Ends

    Hello, everyone! I have a lot of business to cover, and not much time in which to do so, so let’s get going. First of all, we are a last-minute addition to Saluki Con at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, this Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29! We were planning to just attend, but a […]

  • Quick Thoughts on “Finished, Not Perfect”

    Quick Thoughts on “Finished, Not Perfect”

    Whoops! I got busy over the past couple of weeks, which has kind of wrecked my blogging productivity. I didn’t have quite enough time to get everything done just the way I wanted. I didn’t have time to get everything perfect, so nothing got done. I did it wrong. I forgot the code: “Finished, Not […]

  • My Top 10 Video Games of “2018”

    My Top 10 Video Games of “2018”

    With 2018 being my first full year as a father, the value of shorter games that I could play to completion in just a few hours became greater than ever. While binging a 5-10 hour game over a weekend is a perfectly cromulent option, I only have 45 minutes to an hour to play games, […]