Category: And So On

  • Unassuming Patch of Dirt

    So here’s this little patch of dirt that exists under our back steps. I doubt other people who come to our house pay any attention to this insignificant patch. They walk up the steps right over it and never see it. It’s one of the most unnoticeable, unassuming portions of our exterior landscape. Nobody cares […]

  • There is no perfect time.

    I started playing a video game called Shovel Knight recently. It’s the tale of a knight whose primary weapon is a shovel, which he uses to great effect. It functions as both weapon and digging instrument, so not only can Shovel Knight crush his enemies, but also dig up fabulous jewels and tunnel into secret […]

  • Coding

    I’m falling behind on projects because I’m stuck on something. I’m trying to design a new Mike and the Ninja website in time for Cape Comic Con, and I want to implement a PHP archiving system that will automatically attach the right comic, date, and blog entry to the page when a user clicks on […]

  • That Time I Lost My Driver’s License in San Francisco

    I’m a responsible guy. Organized, too. My papers are always in order. I try to clean off my desktop (physical and otherwise) once a week or so. I dot my lowercase Js. I plan ahead for everything. I have PC backups from five years ago, tax papers from ten, pack extra underwear, triple-check the door […]

  • Establishing Goals

    Working with a bunch of entrepreneurs on a daily basis has given me a somewhat more goal-oriented outlook on my personal projects. As a creative person, this is an area where I have forever struggled. I work on a lot of projects, but I have never—with the exception of most of Mike and the Ninja—approached […]

  • I Need a Heroine

    I don’t talk about social issues much online, or at all, really. I’m not particularly good at it or confident in my beliefs, and everybody else on the internet is way angrier than me about every possible topic, so any effort I make is a whisper in an arena full of screaming fanatics. However, being […]

  • “So You’ve Started a Blog.”

    Hello. My name is Brian, and I am going to keep a blog in 2016. A real one. Not one that I only update twice a year to announce convention appearances (if that). I registered this URL like three years ago with grand ambitions of a blog that would be known and loved by crazy […]