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  • Consistency, or Lack Thereof

    Consistency, or Lack Thereof

    This is another one of those blogs in which I talk myself through a problem I have. I hope that it is helpful for me, and maybe for you, as well. When I was a bowler in high school, there was one particular Saturday afternoon in which I was the only member of my team […]

  • Dudes with Attitudes

    Dudes with Attitudes

    So I like the St. Louis Cardinals. My friend Josh also likes the Cardinals. I’ve become a pretty casual baseball fan over the last five years or so; I’m not as hard on the Cardinals as I used to be. I recognize their imperfections and am frustrated by them at times, but I still love […]

  • A Cold Day in Center Field

    A Cold Day in Center Field

    I watched the Major League Baseball All-Star Game with friends last Tuesday night. The game doesn’t have the same meaning to me that it once did. What was once the ultimate showdown of good (National League) versus evil (American League) is now a glad-handing, nauseating exhibition, glorified only by the fact that the winning league […]

  • To St. Louis and Back

    Sports are a funny thing. A team can win, lose, persevere, build a history, endear itself to a fanbase, and become loved by thousands, or even millions. But then, in an instant, all of that can go away. The whim of one man, just one man, can move that team to where ever that man […]