Progress Report, A Last Minute Convention Appearance Announcement, and other Odds and Ends

Progress Report, A Last Minute Convention Appearance Announcement, and other Odds and Ends

Hello, everyone! I have a lot of business to cover, and not much time in which to do so, so let’s get going.

First of all, we are a last-minute addition to Saluki Con at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, this Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29! We were planning to just attend, but a spot opened up, so we took it! Amanda and I will be there with the standard fare: Mike and the Ninja (which we’re very close to selling out of); Six Legs, No Heart; Night of the Dragon, plus prints and commissions. More information on all of those items can be found at the Big Skink Tales website. It’s going to be a good time, and we hope to see you there!

Speaking of the Big Skink Tales website, I relaunched it about a week ago. The design only has a few minor improvements (including what I believe to be a super cute animated menu icon on mobile), but the backend was brought up to current standards, and there is also a handy subscription form at the bottom of the site that will sign you up for the future Big Skink Tales newsletter (whenever I end up launching it). Not only that, it will also send you notifications about new No Good Blog posts. That being said, the same subscription form can also be found at the bottom of this website, for your convenience.

I was working on these website updates off and on for a couple of months, and was finally able to push them out using the “finished, not perfect” mindset. There are still more aesthetic improvements I’d like to make, eventually, but there was no sense in delaying everything else.

I have more Pools of Darkness blogs on the way. Lunch is my typical writing time, but over the past couple of weeks, I was frequently using lunch to finish the aforementioned website updates. Plus, life has been busy, and lunch has often been spent running errands or hanging out with my little one. However, I hope to get back to writing regularly pretty soon. Plenty more misadventures in the Forgotten Realms to cover!

Last thing: I’m playing video games for 24 hours for Extra Life again this year on Friday, October 11 at 6pm! I took last year off due to exhaustion, baby, and a too-packed schedule. This year, I’m back, and I’m going to make Mario cough up coins for sick and injured kids at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. You can learn more about Extra Life and make a donation from my profile page. Thank you for your support!

Okay, I gotta get back to work. Thanks for reading, and I’ll check in again soon!

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