Six Legs, No Heart Progress Report, Part Deux

Six Legs, No Heart Progress Report, Part Deux

Here’s an announcement I’ve been hoping to make for quite some time now.

Six Legs, No Heart is finished! We sent it off to the printers a couple of weeks ago, so barring any extreme unforeseen complications, it will be ready and available at Cape Comic Con, April 21-23!

The first few days after completing the book were surreal. I got so accustomed to working on this comic book every night and weekend that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself once it was finished. Upon completion, my brain shut down while I entered decompression mode. I zoned out a lot, didn’t get much work done around the house, got kind of cranky on a few occasions for no reason, and generally spent my time in a dull haze. My only explanation is that I was working so hard to make sure the book got done before Comic Con that I needed a few days to adjust to not working on it. Since the end of January, when I finished the penciling, I reached a point of no return. There was no more time for slacking, and no more time to have an off-night. If I had time to spare, I had to be on my game, and I had to be working. I didn’t want to risk putting it off for even one more night, just in case a situation I couldn’t control might come up and delay production. I haven’t had a new product at Cape Comic Con since 2013 (not counting the Inktober book I debuted in 2015, which was a relatively simple project in comparison), and it was really important to me to have something new there this year.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since finishing the book, and I’ve had a chance to take a step back from creating and promoting. I’ve been able to relax and recharge, catch up on other personal matters and stuff around the house, mow my lawn, play a few video games, and so on. But now, we’re just three weeks away from Cape Comic Con, so I’ve gotta get back to it.

Thank you for all of your support! It has definitely kept me motivated to knock this book out over the last three months.