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  • Anti-Virus, Week 9 – Routine Maintenance

    Anti-Virus, Week 9 – Routine Maintenance

    It only took nine weeks of quarantine, but I think I finally managed to settle into a morning routine. I’m a routine kind of guy. I get more done more consistently if I do it the same way every morning. The only problem is that I notoriously and spectacularly fall out of routine on a […]

  • Anti-Virus, Weeks 6-8ish – Puking into the Dilithium Chamber

    Anti-Virus, Weeks 6-8ish – Puking into the Dilithium Chamber

    In reviewing my previous two blogs, I came to the conclusion that they stink. No, it’s not because of the quality of the writing. Although, that wasn’t very good, either. But dang, it’s just a blog, not a TMZ article. Give me a break. Truthfully, they were just too negative. (Not to mention they were […]

  • Anti-Virus, Week 5 Plus Video Game Talk

    Anti-Virus, Week 5 Plus Video Game Talk

    You know what? Forget even doing the one news dump a day. I’m just not checking the news at all. I’m better off living in ignorance than being disappointed in people. Or, maybe I’ll just get all my news from NPR from now on, as it seems as boring and unsensationalized as possible. Is that […]

  • Anti-Virus, Weeks 3-4

    Anti-Virus, Weeks 3-4

    Week 3 can be summed up as, more or less, a duplicate of Week 2. In spite of what was happening in the world around me, I felt good about the use of my time and stayed positive and productive. I was Burgess Meredith in “Time Enough at Last” right before his glasses break. Week […]

  • Anti-Virus, Week 2

    Anti-Virus, Week 2

    Well, I guess I’ve adapted to this way of life…as much as one might be able. While COVID-19 is never fully out of my mind, I must admit that there have been a few times over the past week where I kind of forgot about it. Not in the sense that I don’t care, that […]

  • Anti-Virus


    No, I don’t have an antivirus; I’m just anti-virus. More on that in a moment. First, a quick update and a small clarification on my last post about reverting to pursuing comics as a hobby instead of a business. I do still intend to create, publish, and sell comics, make convention appearances, and so on. […]